Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Taking proper care of your carpet can greatly prolong its life. The best way to care for your carpet is to make sure that it’s cleaned regularly and also using the right technique and tools. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be tedious especially if you have a vacuum cleaner. With the best shark vacuum cleaner for example, will do the best job especially when it comes to efficiency and safety. There are various carpet cleaning techniques which you can use including the following: -

Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, this technique utilizes very hot water which is injected into a carpet under high pressure. This helps to loosen the dirt in the carpet which is then drawn out using a carpet cleaning machine. If your carpet is overly soiled, cleaning solutions can be added to make the work through.


This technique is designed to help clean your carpets without any use of water. Normally known as “dry” cleaning method, the technique involves the use of chemicals containing crystallizing and cleaning agents. The cleaning agent helps suspend dust which the crystallizing agent follows by encapsulating the soil before drying it into crystals. With the best shark vacuum, the crystals can then be vacuumed leaving the carpet clean and fresh. This technique is relatively new.

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Shampooing has been the most basic carpet cleaning technique. This method employs a foamy chemical which is spread across the carpet before scrubbing using a circular, motorized brush. You can use this method effectively if your carpet is heavily dirty and many people prefer it due to its affordability. However, the technique is not always the best especially for high pile carpets which can easily be damaged due to pile alteration.

Dry shampooing technique

Just like the shampooing technique, this cleaning method also uses liquid shampoo which is whipped to produce foam with the help of a foam generator. The foam is then applied on the surface of the carpet without pouring water, thus the name “dry shampooing”. The agitation is done with the help of foam equipment which uses a spinning brush system. The solid foam can then be sucked using a vacuum recovery system.

Carpet dry cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning technique does not involve any water and this makes it a preferred method especially if you do not want to wait to remove the carpet from the floor or wait for too long for it to dry. During the cleaning process, an absorbent solution is spread on the carpet before scrubbing it with the help of a mechanized brush. 

The absorbent compound is designed to dissolve the soil before it can be collected with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to do this and with the best shark vacuum will perfectly work well in this. You should use a gentle vacuum cleaner, especially when dealing with tender carpets especially those made from hemp and sisal.

When cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner, it is always good to look for one that is capable of collecting dust, animal dander, and other allergens in a way the prevents it from being released into the air. The best shark vacuum cleaner will fit this kind of a bill but you can also look at different available options in the market.


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